Before I release the second installment of my Ophelia inspired photos I’d like to share a great Spring DIY that stemmed from the props we used.

Flower crowns like those from Cult Gaia were a huge hit last summer and even on through the winter. Unfortunately I find one thing really disturbing. The price they attempt to charge for crowns made of ultimately fake flowers, some sort of adjustable band, and a branded logo tag is in practical terms “stupid”. (I mean that in the nicest way possible).

It’s very easy to recreate styles similar by just visiting your local craft store. Patience and a lot of hand work is all you need. To make the crown above you need the following supplies:

  • Fake flowers in 3 different sizes and assorted colors
  • Twine or canvas thread to wrap your flowers in place

When choosing your supplies keep a few things in mind. When mixing flowers make sure your color scheme doesn’t look too random. If you want a single colored crown use only one flower whether that be a large peony or a small geranium. Try to look for flowers that aren’t too fabric like or fake looking. One last tip for making your base sturdy would be to look for flowers that are mostly stem with small buds. I chose some white small geranium like strand bundles. Use this to craft a base. It also makes the assortment of flowers look even as far as varying sizes and colors.

|| How To ||

Step 1 //

Take your first long stem of your smallest flowers and make it into a circle around your head to size it. Once your sized, take a small strand of twine and tie a secure knot at the back. Take one more strand and wrap it around the first strand as if it were a pole. Make sure your small buds are spread out nicely. Take another piece of twine and secure it. Make sure the spot you secured your knots is at the back of the crown and in the same place.

Step 2 //

Take your larger flowers and begin to intertwine them with the base you just made. Your base will still be very loose so remember to be gentle. Spread them apart by color to make the random assortment look more genuine. Make sure to keep your flower buds facing outward before you make any securing knots. Wrap your flowers into the base the same way you wrapped the base together. Secure each individual flower with a small knot.

Step 3 //

Take your medium sized flowers and fill in any gaps you may see. Repeat step 2 for all of your little buds. Now all your flowers should be secured onto the still unstable base. Next comes the hard part.

Step 4 //

Take your twine and began wrapping the entire circumference of your crown from the spot where you made your back knots. Weave your twine in between the flowers and over the stems to cover the base. While your wrapping be very gentle with the base but pull your strings tight. Every time you encounter a bud make sure to position it facing forward before you wrap it to secure it’s direction in place. This process will take you several minutes. Once your crown is wrapped all the way around tie a very secure knot in your “knot” spot and trim off any unsightly ends. Tuck the ends that are left under a flower to hide it.

Once you’re all finished weaving everything together it will be very tight and everything secure. It will also have a very nice round shape. If you aren’t keen to wearing one on your head it could even double as a wall decoration.

This was one of the more enjoyable DIY’s I’ve done in awhile because although it looks simple it can be quite challenging to make everything look perfect. I spent at least and hour or two on this one here and it has me wanting to make many more.

I hope this inspires you to get into the spring spirit and try to incorporate nature into your fashion routine.


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